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The StamPINboard:

A Pinterest like board where you’ll can save/store stamping related items from anywhere on the web – without it being visible to your customers. There are thousands of samples for your viewing pleasure.

The Discussion Forum:

Interact with other SU! demonstrators by asking and receiving answers to your stamping or business questions. Get the information straight to your email inbox or view online – customized to your desires. It is an active discussion group and can generate 15-35 posts each day.

The Articles Area:

Explore the vast array of information that has been shared by members over the years – including Patterns, Techniques, Business ideas, forms, files, and much more. There are thousands of useful bits of information geared at both the hobby and business demo.


And many other programs that are ongoing such as (at no additional cost to you!):

  1. Workshop Outlines with current products to simplify workshop preparation.
  2. Stamping, technique, and business challenges to help you grow.
  3. Weekly Business Chat to ask questions and learn.
  4. Accountability Partners to keep you on track with your goals.
  5. Exclusive Business Coaching video monthly from Ronda Wade.
  6. Newsletter Co-op for an assortment of articles to share with your customers.
  7. Instant Icon Blog helper - professional products listing with photos for your blog posts.
  8. Question of the Week - business, stamping, and more to help keep your business flowing.
  9. Stampin’ Discuss Summaries of key topics to save you time.
  10. SU! Updates to keep you up to date with the very latest SU! news.
  11. and much more!

Be sure to check out SUDSOL - get a FREE two week trial, and see all the great ways our community of SU! demonstrators can help you and your business grow!

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