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SUDSOL Information

Thank you for choosing SUDSOL!


SUDSOL is a professional mailing list and website dedicated to providing the information and resources essential to help your business grow.


As a fee based service, the content of SUDSOL is dedicated to business and/or stamping related items only. The SUDSOL Leadership Board manages SUDSOL to ensure that it stays on business and/or stamping related topics without a lot of idle chit chat. We feel that this sets SUDSOL apart from other lists by making it a viable, valuable, and important business tool.


There are two parts to SUDSOL:

E-mail - our *active* discussion area. This is where you'll hear the latest news in stamping, be able to ask and receive answers to your questions, and participate in many of the programs offered on SUDSOL.

As a paid member, you can switch your mail options between any of the following formats:


  • no mail - receive no email and access the website only
  • all mail - receive all mail in individual messages
  • digest - all mail in condensed format (the same great info, just packaged into about 3-4 LARGE e-mails each day).

Web page - our web page which contains many ideas to help your business. The searchable database, card swap and outline pictures are all located here. Plus, much of the information shared in the discussion area will eventually be compiled and included on the web page. Members will receive an id and password to use to access the web site.

The fees charged cover payment to our service provider, administration of the list, subscriptions for our program coordinators, the Leadership Board, future enhancements, as well as other features that will improve the operations of SUDSOL.

Subscriptions are non-refundable, non-transferable, no pro-rating


SUDSOL offers a two week free trial to demonstrators who qualify.

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